We have been honored!

We made our television debut!

We are the Merry Kittens on Animal Planets Christmas special! 

Super Cute Yule Log | Animal Planet GO

Follow the link above to see the entire video!

Read about one of our trips to a show!


New Hampshire Feline Fanciers

DOVER — The New Hampshire Feline Fanciers brought together cats of all breeds Saturday, all looking to be recognized as champions.

The show at Dover Middle School began on Saturday and continues Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The feline organization, or NHFF, (www.nhff.org) was incorporated in 1972 and is a nonprofit, looking to show cats and educate the public about the felines in general.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE!



Damn Yankees and Cats Incredible show

Purebred cats were pampered and shown at the recent Damn Yankees and Cats Incredible show in Boxborough. Much like the dogs of Westminster, the thousands of purebred felines that compete in shows across the world represent the pinnacle of their breeds: The best looking, the best built, the best behaved. Judged based on established breed standards by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, they rack up points as they place in various shows throughout the year, with the premier event being the World Championship Cat Show; this year’s event will convene in November in Michigan. The most decorated eventually go on to earn titles of “grand champion” and “grand premier.”  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE!



 Lionzden is a cageless Cattery with two locations,

Revere, Massachusetts & Ft Lauderdale, Florida. 

 We strive for healthy, social Persians, Exotics and Himmys which all give unconditional Love and Affection.

  They are all balls of fluff and stuffed with Love.

 They are my Little Lion Love bugs and are given exceptional attention & care.

Lionzden Cattery is very particular about placing our kitties. 

We will require you agree to our contract,

see our sample contract here.

All show kittens are spayed or neutered prior to delivery to their forever homes.

 For more information on any of our babies,

send an email to sandra@lionzdencattery.com

we accept PayPal


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